Julie Heffernan on El Greco

El Greco emphasizes this theme of separation—head from body, conceptual realm from sensorial realm, upper half from lower half, white from black.

James McGarrell on Jan Vermeer

Its entry is inevitably from the bottom edge because it is from there that, as crawling infants, we all enter spaces.

And then the Real Nature Showed Up: Emilie Clark on Rubens

Last week I went to the Met to pick out a painting to write about for Painters on Painting. I had initially thought that I would write about a contemporary work, always feeling that I need to broaden my knowledge of contemporary painting. But then the election happened and I wanted to be in the Met.

Raoul Middleman on Rembrandt

The most puzzling aspect of the The Night Watch is the figure of the small girl, the so-called mascot of the civic guard…

John Bowman on Gian Antonio Fumiani

Venice has a surfeit of amazing examples of painting, and one is reluctant to choose a favorite from the stunning array of this kind of art on view.