James McGarrell on Jan Vermeer

Jan Vermeer, The Artist in His Studio, 1665-1670, Oil on canvas, 52 x 44 inches, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna For a long time in my early development as a painter I regretted that the medium did not arm its practitioners to control movement in time as the...

John Moore on Pierre Roy

In the seventies while living in Philadelphia I spent a lot of time at the Philadelphia Museum of Art where I first saw Pierre Roy’s Metric System.

Samuel Jablon on Mike Cloud

Like a sinister joke, or a self-destructive one, the work makes us laugh and question why we’re laughing.

Joan Waltemath on Zen and the Art of Billy Al Bengston

“Stud”, an exhibition of Billy Al Bengston’s paintings at Venus over Manhattan Gallery this past November, afforded a unique opportunity to see the legendary West Coast painter in New York City. It is clearly a special moment for an artist.