Trenton Doyle Hancock on Kerry James Marshall

The cool confident stare of Marshall’s “Nat Turner” speaks directly to me as a painter, saying to accept without regret the task at hand and rewrite the master script of possibility.

Michelle Stuart on Maya Art

They are simple yet complex, erotic yet spiritual, wildly designed yet perfectly rendered to fit both the scale of the object and the place in architecture.

Julie Heffernan on Pierre Bonnard: Part II

Bonnard is no easy reach. The challenge he sets for all narrative painters is formidable: how to use both understatement and wild speculation to tell a bold story well…

Julie Heffernan on Pierre Bonnard: Part I

Bonnard’s was a revolution in subject matter, turning a dining room table into a phantasmagoric carnival and a woman at her toilette into a primal spectacle…

John Goodrich on Henri Matisse

While I admire Picasso’s drawing, prints and sculpture, Matisse still represents for me the fullest mixture, in the modern age, of discrimination and passion.