Riad Miah on Amanda Church

If we were to think about the image in terms of language, it would be a noun or a verb.

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Painters on Paintings is a conversation between contemporary artists and their influences across time.

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Caroline Wells Chandler on Katherine Bradford

The first time Katherine Bradford came to my studio I thought she was messing with me. I had recently graduated from Yale’s painting program and was feeling pretty down with a bad case of post grad school malaise.

Joan Semmel on Lisa Yuskavage

In a culture where women have been infantilized and made to be dependent for so long, the necessity for women to suddenly become independent and responsible can be daunting. Young women’s yearning to regain their lost childhood without losing the sexual freedoms gained in the new independence is perfectly symbolized in Yuskavage’s images.

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John Goodrich on Henri Matisse

While I admire Picasso’s drawing, prints and sculpture, Matisse still represents for me the fullest mixture, in the modern age, of discrimination and passion.