Like a Brain Scan: Amy Myers on April Gornik

You experience the light through cumulus night clouds that gather then disperse within minutes, light ricocheting in groves of trees.

Painters on Paintings is a conversation between contemporary artists and their influences across time.

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Michelle Stuart on Maya Art

They are simple yet complex, erotic yet spiritual, wildly designed yet perfectly rendered to fit both the scale of the object and the place in architecture.

Tony Robbin on the Painter of Pech Merle

25,000 years ago an artist who looked a lot like you and me (except without the haircut and the Uniqlo clothes) climbed down 150 feet below the surface of what is now called France…

Dennis Congdon on La Pittura di Giardino

La Pittura di Giardino (The Garden Fresco in the Villa di Livia), Circa 30 - 20 BCE Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome Italy On my second trip to Rome I came upon the frescoes of Livia’s Garden Room, an experience for which I was, to say the least, unprepared. The pale...

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Haley Josephs on Alice Neel

I felt the awkward little girl in me stirring, a sense of vulnerability recognized and transformed into a different kind of power by this painting.

Lisa Hoke on Addie Herder

Hers are the machines that we can’t hold onto, fleeting signs of our human desire to mark which way to go.

Ali Miller on Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Alexa Wilding fluctuates between a confident and seductive nymph, a stiff and unamused model, and a vulnerable damsel awaiting a rescue.